Robert E. Murray

A portrait of Robert MurrayRobert E. Murray is President and CEO of Murray Energy. His lecture title is: Entrepreneurship & the Corporate World in the Energy Industries

Mr. Robert E. Murray is the owner of a number of private coal mining, sales, and transloading companies, which, together, produce about 20 million tons of coal annually and employ about 2,000 persons. These facilities comprise one of the largest groups of underground coal mining operations in the United States.

During his over forty-three year career in the mining industry, Mr. Murray has received numerous awards, including the Erskine Ramsay, Howard N. Eavenson, and Distinguished Member Awards from the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc. (SME) of A.I.M.E., of which he was President in 1989, as well as awards from the Independent Coal Operators Association, Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute, North Dakota Lignite Council, and others.