Thomas W. Garges, Jr.

"Underground Mining Technology Evolution"

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Thomas W. Garges was born near Beckley, West Virginia and is the third generation of his family to work in the coal industry.

During high school he worked in the coal company stores at Cabin Creek, West Virginia for Truax Traer Coal Company. While attending West Virginia University, he worked in coal mines on Cabin Creek as a surveyor, industrial engineer, general labor and section foreman. He graduated in 1963 with a BSEM degree.

After continuing in the West Virginia University graduate school of Mining Engineering, he was employed by the Jeffery Manufacturing Company as a mining equipment project engineer, equipment demonstrator and later as a salesman. In 1965 he was responsible for coordinating Jeffery's first longwall installation. He left Jeffery in 1967 to become Chief Mining Engineer for Union Carbide Corporation in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania. He advanced to the position of General Superintendent and developed one of the first successful underground high capacity full dimension continuous haulage systems.

In 1971 he accepted a position as Manager of Mines for Jewell Ridge Coal Corporation, a Pittston Company subsidiary. At Jewell Ridge he developed a deep cut system with auxiliary fans mounted on a continuous miner, installed a longwall in a 30-inch coal seam and installed one of the first shortwall mining systems utilizing advancing roof supports with a continuous miner.

In 1976 he became Vice President of Koch Carbon, Inc. and was responsible for the company's acquisition program and entrance into the coal business. He returned to The Pittston Company in 1982 and held successive positions of Group Vice President and Executive Vice President of Operations of the Coal Group. He later became President of a new Pittston subsidiary, Pyxis Resources where he was responsible for acquisitions and developing new mining operations.

In 1986 he became Senior Vice President of Elk River Resources, a subsidiary of Sun Oil Company. In this position he was responsible for the Company's coal operations in Kentucky, Wyoming, Utah, West Virginia and coal and coke operations in Virginia.

He joined Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal Company in 1988 and was the company's President and CEO for eleven years.

In 1999 he returned to The Pittston Company and is currently President and CEO of Pittston Coal Company.

Mr. Garges is a registered Professional Engineer in West Virginia, Virginia and Pennsylvania. He has been active in the following organizations: