William N. Poundstone

A portrait of William PoundstoneWilliam N. Poundstone, Executive Vice President and Director (Retired), Consolidation Coal Company. Mr. Poundstone presented the Fall 2010 William N. Pounstone Lecture. His lecture title was, My Career in Coal

During his career with Consol, William Poundstone held positions ranging from timberman, to belt foreman, to assistant, to the Vice President of Operations, before becoming Executive Vice President in 1965. He is the holder of 34 U.S. patents and has authored numerous technical publications. In addition, he has served as spokesman for the coal industry in testimony at numerous Congressional hearings on environmental and mining research matters.

Poundstone, who retired in 1982, has received many awards and honors throughout his career including being inducted into the West Virginia Coal Miners Hall of Fame and being recognized by the North American Coalbed Methane Forum for his pioneering work on development of drilling techniques for coal seam degasification, mine safety, and coalbed product. His generosity has contributed to this lecture series.