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The graduate programs in the Department of Mining Engineering are among the top mining engineering programs in the country. One of the unique features of this program is its location in the heart of the Appalachian coalfields. The numerous local mines and processing facilities offer unparalleled opportunities for applied mining research.

The program offers both master of science and doctor of philosophy degrees in mining engineering and mineral processing. Students are involved in different research areas such as:

  1. Surface Mining - Mine Design, Equipment Optimization, Mine Safety and Aggregates (Contact: Vladislav Kecojevic)
  2. Rock Mechanics and Ground Control - Numerical Modeling, Experimental Rock Mechanics and In-situ Instrumentation (Berk Tulu and Deniz Tuncay)
  3. Mine Ventilation - Mine Fire, Numerical Modeling, Seal Design (Deniz Tuncay)
  4. Mineral Processing - Coal Preparation, Froth Flotation, Surface Chemistry, Hydrometallurgy, Process Circuit Design and Environmental Control (Qingqing Huang and Deniz Talan)
  5. Mine Subsidence - Subsidence Prediction and Mitigation, In-situ Monitoring, Highwall Mining Stability (Berk Tulu and Deniz Tuncay)

Faculty and students regularly present their research finding in national and international conferences. They also publish their research work in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. Some faculty members are involved in wide-ranging state and federal safety committees. Guest lectures and field trips form an essential component of a graduate student education.

The Department also boasts state-of-the-art laboratories that are unique in the country.

Programs Offered

Master of Science in Mining Engineering

The master's in mining engineering program is built on advanced mining engineering fundamentals. In this program, students will perform research leading to an original thesis in areas such as surface mining, rock mechanics and ground control, mineral processing, mine subsidence engineering and mine ventilation.

MS Program Overview

Doctor of Philosophy in Mining Engineering

The principal objective of the doctor of philosophy program in Mining Engineering is the education and training of graduates so that they are capable of attaining the highest levels in the Mining Engineering profession.

The doctoral program is primarily a research degree, and therefore the research work for a doctoral dissertation should show a high order of originality on the part of the student and must offer an original contribution to the field of engineering science.

The areas of specialization can be in rock mechanics and ground control, surface mining, mineral processing, mine ventilation and environment, mine health and safety.

PhD Program Overview

Admission Requirements

Masters Program

Admission to the master's degree in mining engineering requires the student to indicate a major field in Mining engineering (mining engineering or mineral processing). Applicants with a baccalaureate degree from other institutions will be admitted on the same basis as graduates of WVU.

Regular Admission

To be admitted as a regular graduate student, an applicant must have a B.S. degree in mining engineering or a related field with a minimum 3.0/4.0 cumulative grade-point average.

Doctoral Program

Students who obtain a PhD degree are often recognized as “experts” in their respective field. As a result, students pursuing this degree must demonstrate a very high level of dedication and proficiency. Additionally, they are expected to have strong written and verbal communication skills which are needed to communicating their research. Prospective students are selected based on their ability to perform independent research. Some specific application requirements are as follows:

  1. An earned ME degree (thesis-based degree; report writing degree is not acceptable) in mining engineering or mineral processing with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  2. At least three letters of recommendation, one of which must be from the applicant's previous thesis advisor or an academic equivalent. These letters should explicitly state the applicant's contribution in research. Letters supporting applicant's character and academic performance are discouraged.
  3. A personal statement indicating his or her experience in conducting original research. Statement should also state how he or she could advance the field of mining engineering. Applicants are encouraged to avoid describing inspirational factors or highest grade achievements.
  4. GRE scores minimums: Verbal :144 Quantitative: 154 Writing score: 2.7
  5. For international applicants whose official or native language is not English:
    1. a computer-based TOEFL score of 213 or better,
    2. a paper based test score of 550 or better,
    3. Internet based score of 79 or better, or
    4. an IELTS test core of 6.5 or better.

Financial Support

Graduate Research Assistant ships for students in MS and PhD degree programs in mining engineering are available. Applicants are encouraged to contact individual faculty for information on the current research projects and assistant ships.

Teaching Assistants are typically limited to the graduate students who are currently enrolled.

Graduate Student Job Opportunities