Coal and Mineral Processing Laboratory

The laboratory includes coal and mineral processing laboratory, Washability laboratory and Crushing and Grinding laboratory. Coal and mineral processing laboratory houses a pilot scale flotation columns, jigs, cyclones, dewatering units, a dense medium cyclone and magnetic separator, a lab concentration table, a lab centrifugal screen unit, and hydrocyclone systems.

The laboratory also houses a suite of crushing and grinding equipment such as ball mill,rod mill and an attrition mill. Washability laboratory has a specially designed ventilation system and working counter for conducting the float and sink analysis. The laboratory also houses a high temperature furnace for ash and other analyses.

The Crushing Laboratory is built an coal-dust explosion proof room. There laboratory houses a variety of crushers and mill such as double roll crusher, grinding mill, Holm's mill (pulverizers), ro-taps, sieves, Gilson screens.

an image of the cpt column an image of the coal prep lab


Felicia Peng
Associate Professor, Mining Engineering
Associate Profesor, Coal and Mineral Processing Laboratory
Phone: (304) 293-3883