Mine Ventilation Laboratory

The mine ventilation laboratory is designed for both teaching and research. It has instruments such as anemometers, manometers, hygrometers, altimeters, gas detectors, and dust meters for ventilation surveys in mines. It also has noise dosimeter and sound meter for conduct noise survey and studies. An Airflow Measuring Demonstration Set is available for the experiments in the undergraduate ventilation course. Through experiments with this set, students become familiar with the concepts of pressures, pressure gradients, head losses, mine characteristic curves, and fan characteristic curves.

An anemometer calibration set is newly added.

A large duct system, with changeable branches (a total of 145 ft) and three 19-in. variable speed Joy axial-flow fans, is available for the studies of characteristics of multiple-fan systems. It can, also simulate single-and two-fan systems by opening and closing the air regulators (dampers) which are installed in every branch. By adjusting the blade settings and rotational speeds of fans and the opening of regulators, almost any desired ratios can be generated for the three fans.


Yi Luo
Associate Professor, Mining Engineering
Research Assistant Professor, Mine Ventilation Laboratory
Phone: (304) 293-3867